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Tax advisory

Tax Consulting

The most difficult aspect of running a successful business is to effectively meet with the ever-changing tax laws. The tax consulting recently became a completely independent industry. Nowadays, the professional tax advice is essential for the companies.

Our highly-qualified colleagues offer their best professional knowledge to evaluate the tax consequences of transactions and optimize the payable taxes in order to allow our clients to focus exclusively on their business goals. Our tax consulting services include assisting clients on corporate income tax, value added tax, personal income tax and any other taxes and social contributions. In addition our colleagues analyse the entire transaction and identify all tax and administrative obligations.

Our clients are provided with the experience gained during several years of advising on various tax matters. Our clients can successfully use this experience for rationalizing their tax obligations.

Our tax consultants are pleased to assist regarding tax audit, self-revision, non-binding ruling of tax authorities and appeal procedure.

Most important services:

  • Tax consulting regarding corporate income tax, value added tax, personal income tax and any other taxes and social contributions;

  • services regarding legal compliance;

  • screening of the entire administration;

  • Tax consulting regarding electronic invoicing, electronic archive and necessary systems

Representation before Authorities

As part of our accounting service or based on agreement, we represent our clients before authorities; therefore you do not have to face the authorities alone.

Our experienced professionals represent your best interest in course of tax audit, making statements, tax reconciliation, tax reclaim, or requesting tax certificates.

If you choose our service,

  • we can save valuable time for you;
  • we properly and trustworthily represent your interest before the authorities;
  • we can answer the questions immediately; therefore you do not have to consult with the authorities several times;
  • further audit caused by inadequate statements can be avoided.