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Outsourcing of Payroll Accounting

Outsourcing of Payroll Accounting

For whom is it recommended?

Outsourcing of regular payroll accounting tasks is recommended for companies with less than 200 employees. In our experience outsourcing is the ideal solution both in terms of finances and risk management if the maximum number of employees is less than 200.

What benefits does it offer?

The company can save costs by outsourcing the payroll accounting tasks and can at the same time reduce the tax and other risk factors related to this activity. By outsourcing the payroll accounting the cost of employing a payroll accountant, the further education costs, the licence fee of the special payroll accounting software and upgrade fees can be saved.
Employing an eternal payroll accounting company (outsourcing the activity) guarantees that payroll accounting always complies with the prevailing regulations by which the tax risks can be reduced and the problems encountered if the payroll accountant falls sick or terminates his/her employment unexpectedly can also be avoided.

Applied software:

We provide payroll accounting services with the NexonBér software which is one of the most well-known payroll accounting and human resources management applications. Our company disposes of the licence to use the software hence you need not pay the licence fee and you have all of the modules we use at your disposal. As a result of this, functions like the electronic pay list module become also available which simplifies the administration process significantly.

Tasks to be performed by the Company:

  • Recording the time data and possible changes (wage increase, changed working hours, extra bonus, etc.) for the given month in the payroll accounting program, preparation of the monthly payroll accounting by the given deadline at the latest. The data recorded by your entry control system can be handed over electronically.
  • Accounting of the costs of coming to work, official trips, cost repayments.
  • Recording the cafeteria allowances in the payroll counting thus the taxes and contributions payable on the various cafeteria elements are already included in the payroll accounting lists.
  • Preparation of the list to order the Erzsébet voucher
  • Application for healthcare benefits (sick pay, child care fee)
  • Preparation of reports in connection with the entry and exit of employees, monthly and quarterly statistics for the Central Statistical Office
  • Preparation of pay lists and signature lists.
  • E-playlist in case of NEXONBÉR program: the employees receive a so called e-pay list – the pay list for the given month and also the previous pay lists are available at, can be printed and downloaded from a website after accounting, to which website the employee can log in using a user name and password, hence the wage information can be handled confidentially and the administration related to the distribution of hardcopy pay lists can be avoided.
  • Compilation of net transfer data, of list of items to be transferred and paid in cash.
  • Handover of batch wage transfer data in a file format acceptable for your bank, hence the time you spend on bank transfers can be considerably reduced and the risk of erroneous transfers can be minimized.
  • General ledger postings for the accounting department: detailed or aggregate lists - or lists broken down by cost centres if required - in PDF format or if the file structure is provided then with the help of the file generated by NEXONBÉR.
  • Preparation of the rehabilitation contribution calculation table
  • Preparation and submission of the ’08 tax returns on the basis of authorization,
  • Preparation in PDF format of the wage-related tax and contributions payment obligations.
  • Preparation of reports and statements for the management and accounting as required