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Accounting, payroll

Full Service Accounting

  • Quantitative recording of assets and investments;

  • Recording incoming and outgoing invoices;

  • Preparing records regarding bank account;

  • Preparing cash-flow records;

  • Analytical accounts keeping;

  • Monthly and quarterly closing, on demand;

  • Annual closing, balance sheet, financial sheet, notes to the financial statement, cash-flow;

  • Preparing outgoing invoices, on agreement.

Payroll and HR administration

We take over all payroll related activities; we provide accurate and trustworthy service for our clients in the field of payroll and HR administration. The area of expertise of our highly qualified colleagues includes the administration and accountancy of personal income tax, social security and any other employment-related obligations.

Payroll services:

  • Administration regarding new and exiting employees;

  • Recording employee data,

  • Monthly payroll processing,

  • Monthly data reporting;

  • Payroll of wage supplement and other benefits;

  • Preparation of declarations for voluntary pension fund;

  • Providing data;

  • Preparation of employee and wage statistics,

  • Preparation of payroll posting for accounting in requested brake down and format;

  • Preparing list of payable taxes and contributions from payroll data;

  • Preparation of tax return;

  • Recording tax obligations;

  • Monitoring and processing employment related registers;

  • Recording vacation and overtime;

  • Registering and maintaining employee deductions;

  • Data reconciliation with tax authorities and pension funds.

Statutory reporting:

  • VAT tax return;

  • In case of EU VAT number, preparation of recapitulative statement;

  • Any other tax returns to be submitted to the tax authority;

  • Local tax returns;

  • Preparation of statistical reports.

Preparation of Accounting Procedures:

  • Accounting Policy

  • Chart of Accounts

  • Inventory Policy

  • Treasury Procedure and Policy

  • Valuation Policy

Onsite bookkeeping


For clients who do not employ own bookkeeper, but would like that the accounting activity, the documentation and receipts remain onsite. The onsite bookkeeping can be performed in the accounting software of our company, or with software used by our client.


Our colleague can assist you to create an effective database with our accounting software, or in your own customized system which not only helps to fulfil the statutory requirements, but also helps to design specific records for the management. Our accounting experts are responsible for the content of the information.

Our service can easily be used without accounting department, and the unnecessary paper-work can also be avoided.


We prepare and maintain complete records regarding the economic event of your company, without providing documents personally, keeping them external places or sending them by post. We analyse and prepare the periodical reports and financial reports in the requested form, provide information regarding the law in force and detect possibilities and risks.